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Similarities of Alexander Technique & Dialogue

from a participant's point of view

17 January
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I'm a tall, smiley woman who lives near Laupahoehoe on the Big Island of Hawaii. Once a year I have been returning to a small town in California called Bolinas in Marin county for a visit during November. This year I'm planning on visiting Santa Cruz too during autumn.

For fun I enjoy writing and making the benefit of my observations available to others. I like to swim in the ocean, to read sci-fi and dream up more projects. I also enjoy playing music on the piano and the array mbira. I like to juggle a toy called "Stix," to help people out. I seem to enjoy moving my stuff around from one place to another, or at least that's what I spend my time doing more than I'd like. For work I teach Alexander Technique privately in family-shared lessons. I also make fine art, paint signs and murals on windows.

My interest in dialogue has been on-going for over thirty years. Online I've been a participant in the site which used to be known as Pandalous - now called www.thinqon.com Lately it's taken the form of my interest in World Cafe Dialogue. Because of my new interest, I'm thinking of resurrecting this blog and giving it a new slant and converting it to my own website.