Franis (dialoguers) wrote,

Philosophical Content Needed or Not?

Some people have purely studied the physical discipline of Alexander Technique and gotten benefit in other areas of their lives, without any of the related philosophy. I have seen the same happen in a dialogue group. It was a surprise for the Alexander student that the related philosophy was discovered gradually, without ever reading Alexander's books. Evidently, this can also happen with martial arts and lots of other disciplines that have an art, a craft, a practice.

Sometimes I think that almost any action or area of study has the potential to become an art.

I think what is necessary is a form to demonstate and give you feedback what you are really doing - a practice. Like practicing music, or a skill, etc. Having both philosophy and a practice at once would be just better teaching and faster learning.

For instance, Dialogue has the form of social interaction in the group of people who get together for dialoguing. Someone can come to dialogue and observe what is happening and describe it and they
can sound just like David Bohm, never having read any of what he wrote. I've been present when that has happened.

Artists make art, but you don't have to know art philosophy to appreciate the art. Sometimes artists just start making art and they later come to an "intangible" philosophical benefit as they attempt to explain why and how they did what happened when they made the art. All this can happen without any talking about it, or history, etc. But to get the philosophical benefit for yourself takes immersion, some degree of commitment along with practice, practice, practice. At least that's what I think.

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