Franis (dialoguers) wrote,

Creating Creole

Dialogue creole - that's a good buzzword for the tendency people have to assign new meaning to words or to make words up. But if we use it, will people understand what we mean without explaining it? Dialoguers can turn anything into something valuable.

Uniquely twisted letters/words with their own unique meanings demand quite a bit of energy to decipher and get something out of them. We don't like txt messging for that reason. We like to write about the origins of words in our online dialogue group. In the distant past, there we invented a whole bunch of emoticons. Ones designed just for dialogue - because we found ourselves using the same qualifyers. They were cute & creative and some of us used them for awhile, but nobody here remembered them for very long.

It turns out that when you get a bunch of people making up words and then using a string of these made up words in a sentence, nobody has a clue what anyone else is saying - people must constantly ask what was meant - so why not just say what you mean in the first place?

In Alexander Technique, many AT teachers forgo the use of metaphor for similar reasons. Alexandrians can be very deliberate about how and what we tell ourselves to do. Turns out that you may do whatever it is you are telling yourself to do, literally. There is a part of the brain that only gets images and no qualifying words such as "don't". So if you suspect something unintentional is going on with yourself, be more precise about what you are saying to yourself when you are telling yourself to do something.

In particular, I discovered that I was constantly telling myself to do things that I didn't really want to do. Somehow I got the idea if I told myself what I didn't want to do, what I really wanted to do would be free to happen without being specified. Well, I'm the evidence that this doesn't work for me!

Examining the langage you use to tell yourself how to do something is quite revealing. Check it out.

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