Franis (dialoguers) wrote,

David Bohm & F.M. Alexander Liked to Think

David Bohm's later solutions are curious parallels to Alexander Techique, but they seem to come from a completely different orientation. Bohm asked different question to start himself out on his investigations. David Bohm did not know about Alexander Technique, although he lived in London.

Bohm advocates Dialogue in a group of ten to thirty people as a remedy to address the problem he defines as a lack of proprioception within thought - and as an extension of that, the problem of how likely it is to assign meaning unreliably. (Thus Bohm acknowledges sensory unreliability, but he applies it to unreliability of thought itself.)

After learning about Dialogue, I would say that Bohm came up with some similar principles to Alexander Technique, only he applied them in terms of a social arena where people interact.

During a Dialogue group, Bohm recommends that participants suspend their conclusions and judgments about each other and build on what others are thinking about instead of debating or looking for flaws. Bohm's idea he calls Suspension functions quite a bit like Alexander's concept of Inhibition, only related directly to thinking processes during group interaction.

During a Dialogue group, one's assumptions (often completely hidden) are constructively revealed by noting one's reactions to what or how other people are talking. While exploring subjects that are improvised on the spot, these and other recommended techniques allow insight to happen unexpectedly as the group goes somewhere new together.

I've been a member of an in-person Dialogue group for the last ten years; and I'm also a member of an online list server with former contemporaries of Bohm.

I'm so struck with exploring the many similarities between Alexander Technique and Bohm's ideas of Dialogue. That's why I started this particular blog.
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