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From A Dialoguer Who Writes
I'm happy to offer the benefit of my observations. I would love to know how or if you can use what I've been exploring here.

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Franis [userpic]
Interrupting in CA indicates sympathy

There are many variations in mini-cultures for a different sense of "right" timing. Some people think it is rude to butt in to contribute, while others interrupt without hesitation. To correct for this in an ongoing way, (which doesn't have to be done in email dialogue!,) some dialoguers have learned to talk about this phenomena as a preface to the in-person dialogue. The people who talk easily and tend to dominate the air space have learned to invite the people to talk who have a more difficult time just jumping into the conversation on their own. More aggressive talkers can part the way or recognize people who have not spoken yet at any particular time - especially when the speed of the dialogue increases. The talkers get the reward of hearing from the people who feel shy and usually remain silent.

In our Holographic dialogue group, we have also learned to directly invite the people who have trouble jumping in and talking to raise their hand to indicate that they want this help from the "talkers".

As far as how well it works, it's OK, could be improved, but for now, it is the only thing that we've stumbled on that works at all as the conversation is moving to address this inequality of group dialogue. This issue doesn't exist so often in email listservers, nobody can interrupt anyone!