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From A Dialoguer Who Writes
I'm happy to offer the benefit of my observations. I would love to know how or if you can use what I've been exploring here.

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Franis [userpic]
Dialog Is Still Important to Me

It's been a long time since I added anything to this blog, but I'm happy to see that this blog is still up and readable. I've moved to another state where dialogue as an activity isn't popular. So if I want to have the experience, I'll have to make it happen by myself.
Meanwhile I've discovered how many different kinds of dialogue has evolved, mostly to serve large corporations which are often the first adopters because the need to improve is so important in making money. Right now I'm reading an overview of various dialogue techniques... Surprisingly, there are...over a hundred. Will report in more detail when I've got the book in my hands again.

In particular, I've been enamored with the World Cafe` Dialog scene. My skill in being a sign writer means I could provide something called "graphic recording." Which is where you illustrate the conversation as it's going on. There's a local cafe nearby, perhaps they would be interested in doing the Dialog thing there for a bit. The Cafe` does have a stage and might go for a bi-weekly meeting at an "off-hour" when there's not many customers. In our current climate of political polarization, dialog skills have become really necessary.
So we'll see if I can put something like this together.