Franis (dialoguers) wrote,

Lee Nichols See Commonalities Too

I was reading this article, and it has quite a few parallels between Bohmian Dialogue and Alexander Technique. It was written by Lee Nichols, editor of some of David Bohm's books on Dialogue. I was struck by this comment:

[quote] .."From this inclusive Bohmian perspective, we thus find that the body is
the gateway to a remarkable wealth of unexpected information. "[/quote]

I guess I'm so familiar with the ego idea, partly because I take it for granted. I see that holding the ego up as something to be gotten rid of is just as bad or worse and repeating it incessantly, because it's essentially the other end of the same stick. So because of that, I didn't pay much attention to the ego part of that article.

What this article did for me was to imagine a mutually advantages synthesis of Dialogue, Alexander Technique and perhaps the process of making art.

I know that many people have different recipes for enhancement of awareness, but a synthesis of those three would be what has worked for me. With full knowledge of how weird I happen to be, maybe I should give that up because the likelihood is slim that anyone will bother to do those things together...but you never know.

The "change of being" part of the end of the article, where Bohm is quoted: "A change of meaning is a change of being." What happens to older Alexander teachers is they become psychic about knowing what you are thinking about during a lesson. In one case I head about, an Alexander Technique teacher's fingerprints can go away - or at least gone far enough away to be indiscernable by Scotland Yard in a burgulary dusting. Guess that this happened because the teacher was so mindful of using just the amount of effort she needed to pick up things in her home. I guess that could be described as a loss of ego, rather than a point of pride of mindful practice.

I like to think about what would happen to humans if their limitations weren't in the way. I guess that's what every parent hopes for their child.

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